Polina Pyshkina is a published freelance makeup artist certified by Danessa Myricks, Online Makeup Academy and Mario Dedivanovic (celebrity makeup artist for Kim Kardashian, Priyanka Chopra, Naomie Harris, Eva Longoria and others) . Polina is well known for her passion to creative makeup approach for beauty editorials, love for color makeup as well as enhancing natural beauty of her brides who want to keep it natural though sophisticated.

     Polina works in the industry for 5 years and has gained a lot of knowledge which she shares during her one-on-one master classes as well as she was invited as a guest columnist for Online Makeup Academy covering a lot of aspects of working as a freelance makeup artist.

    Polina was a makeup team member for Atlantic City Fashion Week where her team director chose her makeup look as a specimen for other team members. 

      Polina now is based in Tampa, FL, focusing on creating art, working with brides as well as clients needing makeup for a photoshoot infusing her soul into every work.


​​ P O L I N A     P Y S H K I N A