​​ P O L I N A     P Y S H K I N A

Beauty Photoshoot published in Imirage Magazine.

November 17, 2020

Model : Addison Saieg

Photographer: Leonard Selmani

Makeup: Polina Pyshkina

Magazine: Imirage 

I was always into beauty editorials and when I had a chance to work with such an amazing team I was thrilled. Creating makeup looks for beauty photoshoot is always a challenge, as you have to create something interesting, out of the box but it has to suit the model well so that she can work it out! Also it has to be in compliance with a photographer's style. So I have to take into consideration a lot of stuff! But I love challenges and my brain starts to work as soon as I get an inquiry for a beauty shoot.

1st look 

So first look was a "nude" makeup look. It's usually something very natural that would enhance a model's feature. Here I decided to use neutral shades on the eyes and was going for nude lipstick but was afraid it would be a bit boring so I decided to bring a flower for the first look. I loved the orchid with fuchsia center so it was a great idea to use a lipstick that would compliment the flower, and it turned out to compliment Addison's complexion so well. 

2nd look 

For the second look I wanted to use tons of gold and also I wanted to create an accessory that would enhance the look even further. So it took me 2 weeks to create it so that I would be happy with it. But the final result is so amazing that at this point it turned out to be my favorite photoshoot so far!

3rd look

For the third look I wanted to paint on Addison's face. It was my first ever experience painting on someone else's face. And Addison was really supportive and cheered me up all the way! And I am so thankful to work with her! Purple and orange is one of my favorite color combos so I really like how it turned out! 

Leonard did an amazing job capturing all three looks so well. And it was such a reward to be published in Imirage magazine. If you follow me on social media you know that it was always a dream of mine to have my work published in well known magazines so I am so grateful to  have this in my portfolio. So many publications to come, I am absolutely sure. Will keep you updated on it.